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Conference 2019

Thank you for attending  our 2019 Conference and Workshop held on the 17th and 18th of October at Novotel Hotel, 52 Cathedral Square, Christchurch NZ.

Our conference programme included:


Brief CBT for eating disorders: How to do it and see your clients thrive

Ten-session cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT-T) for non-underweight eating disorders: key principles and techniques.

Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Tracey Wade from Flinders University, South Australia ran an inspiring one-day workshop on the 17th October 2019. 


Our one-day conference on the 18th October promoted the clinical application and practice of CBT


Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Tracey Wade; Tackling key areas of perfectionism across prevent and treatment.


Chris Skellett: Workshop: When Trust Goes Missing

Ngaronga Ormsby: CBT Adaptation-Māori Style, “Speaking into the Empty Space, a Therapeutic Neutrality”

Anna Elders: Workshop: Better Mental Health, One Click at a Time; New CBT E therapy tool within NZ

Dr Jenny Jordan: Fight, Flight or leave it alone- how much exposure is needed in psychotherapy for PTSD?

Ann Huggett: Pause Breathe Smile – A Mindfulness Based Intervention for Children with Anxiety


Additional speakers and workshops also contributed to a wonderful event.