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Conference Summary

2019 AnzaCBT Workshop & Conference

(17th-18th October 2019)

Words and Photos by Catherine Shields.

Workshop: Brief CBT for eating disorders: How to do it and see your client thrive

Distinguished Professor Tracey Wade from Flinders University presented her workshop on Brief CBT for non-underweight eating disorders (CBT-T) a ten-session protocol for effectively treating clients with eating disorders who are not significantly underweight. The evidence-based protocol was presented along with relevant and illuminating examples from Professor Wade’s clinical experience.

Many aspects of CBT such as education, exposure, behavioral experiments developing alternative beliefs were covered.

In all a complex area of practice succinctly and clearly elaborated - a very interesting and stimulating day!




Professor Tracey Wade- above

Workshop Resources

Brief Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Non-Underweight Patients provides an evidence-based protocol that can be delivered by junior or senior clinicians, helping patients to recover and go on to live a healthy life. This book will appeal to clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, dietitians, nurses, and other professionals working with eating disorders.

Waller G, Turner H, Tatham M, Mountford VA, Wade TD. (2019). Brief Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Non-Underweight Patients: CBT-T for Eating Disorders. Abingdon: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.

Companion website to book with downloadable content and other useful resources:http://cbt-t.group.shef.ac.uk/


Conference Day

Professor Tracey Wade presented key note address on Perfectionism

Many of our members were keen to hear about this transdiagnostic phenomena. We learned that targeting perfectionism reduces axis one symptoms. We learned about maintaining factors and the importance of self-compassion.  It was a fabulous start to our varied Conference day.


 Professor Tracey Wade-above

Chris Skellett

Author and former Clinical Psychologist presented on the topic of Trust and its importance in clinical practice and in life in general and what to do when trust needs to be rebuilt. It was a thought provoking talk which connected well with the knowledge respect and wisdom other speakers bought to the conference day.

 Chris Skellet

Chris Skellett-above

Book Release: WHEN TRUST GOES MISSING- A CLINICAL GUIDE by CHRIS SKELLETT is available for purchase on www.Amazon.com  both as a paperback and an eBook, or at a discounted price of NZ$20 plus postage directly from  www.chrisskellettconsulting.co.nz For more information please contact Chris at skellett@actrix.co.nz  

Ngarongo Ormsby

Counsellor and CBT Massey graduate presented on Navigating CBT with Maori Clients; Speaking into the Empty Space a Therapeutic Neutrality. A kaleidoscope of   Maori concepts in relation to CBT and to the experience of illness and recovery were presented. Reaching out to Maori clients to find a way a point of connection, finding the potentiality in the shared space and conceptualizing intergenerational trauma from colonisation. The importance of affirming cultural identity and understanding our own histories to facilitate healing. A very stimulating and inspiring presentation.

 Ngaongo Ormsby

Ngarongo Ormsby-above

Anna Elders

Nurse Specialist and post graduate qualifications in CBT presented Better Mental Health, one click at a time.  Anna is a founding member of Anza CBT. Her nurse specialist background and specialist CBT training ensured we had a comprehensive introduction to this new e therapy resource. For further information; please visit www.justathought.co.nz  Free online CBT for all New Zealanders.

 Anna Elders

Anna Elders-above

Ann Huggett

Clinical Psychologist presented Pause Breathe Smile -A Mindfulness based intervention for children with anxiety.

New Zealand’s evidence-based mindfulness programme for children and young people which promotes wellbeing through fostering interceptive awareness, strengthening awareness, curiosity, emotional regulation and fostering connection and kindness, family whanau strength and wellbeing. This innovative programme was a delight to hear about!

 Ann Huggett

Ann Huggett-above

Dr Jennifer Jordan

Clinical Psychologist presented Fight Flight or leave it Alone? How much exposure is needed in psychotherapy for PTSD?

Dr Jordan treated us to a learned overview of approaches to treating noncomplex trauma with many research references provided.

It was a very useful and interesting presentation.

 Jenny Jordan

Dr Jenny Jordan-above

AnzaCBT Executive Committee 2019



Ron Chambers (President) Sue Corkill (Event Leadership) Carolyn Lawton-Childs (Event Leadership) Janna Gresham (Secretary) Simone Kinley (special interest accreditation) Ngarongo Ormsby (newly appointed to the executive) Catherine Shields (Executive member) Missing from photo: Faye Hanna (Treasurer) Fiona Mathieson (special interest accreditation-unable to attend due to teaching commitments Otago University CBT training)


A photo of Faye Hanna (Treasurer) at the workshop day registration desk-she is second from left.

(Standing with Janna Gresham, Carolyn Lawton-Childs, Sue Corkill.)


Special thanks and gratitude to our 2 Major Sponsors

ANZACBT are extremely appreciative of both organisations ongoing support and sponsorship.  

ACC (who sponsored the greatly enjoyed lunches)

 ACC Logo

NZCCP (who helped cover expenses bringing Tracey Wade to New Zealand)



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